Samantha Foster and Jessica Brown are destined to meet. One lives in the twentieth century, the other in the twenty-first century

April 1916 and thousands of men have left home to fight in the war to end all wars. Jessica Brown’s father is about to be one of those men. A year later, he is still alive but Jess has to steal to keep her family from starving. And then a telegram arrives – her father has been killed in action.

Four generations later, Sam Foster’s father is admitted to a hospital’s intensive care unit with a suspected brain haemorrhage. A nurse asks if she would like to take her father’s hand. Sam refuses. All she wants is to get out of this place, stuck between the world of the living and the world of the dead, a place with no hope and no future, as quickly as possible.

Jess is in London working as a maid for Major and Mrs Osborne. When the Major’s only surviving son, Tom, comes home on leave they start a secret affair. Four months later a telegram arrives – Tom is missing in action. Is he alive? Or is he dead? The Major’s wife tells Jess that she, and the child she is carrying, will never be part of their family. And if the Major finds out that she’s pregnant she’ll be thrown out onto the streets.

As her father’s condition worsens, Sam’s dreams become more frequent – and more frightening. When she wakes up to find herself sitting on a stone floor of a church, a new-born baby feeding at her breast, and when she stands up and walks away, abandoning that baby, she knows that what she is experiencing is not a dream, but someone else’s living nightmare.

Jess and Sam, past and present, bound together, forever
‘We’ve Come To Take You Home’