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Review – We’ve Come to Take You Home by Susan Gandar


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My Review

I was lucky enough to be offered this book to read, the cover is incredibly powerful and has an intensity that pulled me in. I admit I was attracted more to the war aspect, the first world war is fascinating on so many levels and I was curious how this would work in  dual timelines.

Two young girls, separated by time .. Sam and Jess, their lives couldn’t be more different but there is a connection that pulls them together.

I absolutely adored the parts involving Jess, the graphic, cruel, heart-wrenching description of her life in service, the struggles she endured in all areas of her life. The background story of the war bubbling along in the background was incredibly well researched and delivered in a way that makes history captivating. The reader can almost smell and hear the atrocities happening. The decisions she was forced to consider made me want to weep.

While Sam had just as much impact on the book her life story seemed (in my opinion) to take a back seat, while it was all very cleverly woven in and thought out I never really connected with her like I did with Jess. I could sympathise with the situation with her father but got slightly confused as to the connections at times.

It was only when I got to the end and thought it through, everything slotted into place and it did actually show what a unique concept this was. I’m giving it 4 stars, and it would have got that on the Jess sections alone.

Many thanks to Susan and Neverland Blog Tours for the opportunity to read this.