This is a Brexit Bridging Book, reconfirming feelings of togetherness despite politics.

Five Star Review of ‘We’ve Come to Take You Home’ from a Dutch Reader


I’m posting my review today, July 1, on purpose. Normally I would not have paid attention to this date: remembrance day of the battle at the Somme in France, and the magnitude of the efforts and massive sacrifices the British made to keep Europe sane:  this occasion would have normally escaped my attention if not having read Susan Gandar’s book.

I’m a continental EU citizen, Dutch, and apart from the eloquent description of the 2 relatives, it struck me from a historical persepective and highlighting this only:  the impact on daily family life in Great Britain for the sake of helping out us in continental EU.

I do not know any nation in EU that did the same, in helping out  keeping EU sound, and realized again reading.

It awakened in me again the old ties we have and values we share, and the commitments made by the UK over long time to commit to us.

I cannot comment on aspects of contributions to litterature in general, since not a professional, but found the book very fascinating,  touching, easy to read as a foreigner.

For continental EU this could be a Brexit Bridging Book, and reconfirm feelings of togetherness despite politics.

Brexit may turn out to unfortunately be more like  a danger to an internal  UK break up than between  UK and us: the book is a historical reminder of our deep interwoven cultures, values.

In this context I also view this as a Brexit Bridge Book, that makes us in EU understand we, EU, will never break up with the UK, Brexit or not.

So: 5 stars!