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We’ve Come To Take You Home tells us the story of two girls Jessica and Samantha separated by 100 years. In this dual timeline novel Jessica’s story is being told during war-torn Britain and Sam’s story is being told right now.

Sam’s timeline is quite hard to follow, her story follows her whilst she struggles with the difficulty of her Father having an accident which puts him in ICU. Whilst this is happening she also has time-slips where she finds herself seeing through other people’s eyes, of a time long before now. The writing is quite awkward and the time-slips written so suddenly that it is very confusing to read. I spent much of the time I was reading Sam’s timeline completely confused and trying to work out what was happening and how it related to the story.

Jessica’s timeline on the other hand was a pleasure to read, she had such an interesting and moving story, it would have worked fantastically as a standalone novel without Sam’s story being there at all. It was Jessica’s story which kept me going and encouraged me to keep reading. I wanted to find out what happened in her story and how. I wished there was more to her story and was disappointed that there wasn’t more.

At the end of the book there is an attempt to resolve the questions and bring the two timelines together and show how the time-slips Sam experiences are relevant but I felt it was rushed and confusing. I didn’t feel that it completely made sense nor did I feel that it resolved the story.

My feelings for this book were very split and quite confused and at times it felt as though I was reading two different books. The story about Jessica saves this book, it felt passionate, full of love, and was an emotionally charged tragedy.

Thank you very much to Susan Gandar for a copy of the novel to review this book honestly for the blog tour.