Misty’s 4 Star Review of We’ve Come to Take You Home on Goodreads

Misty S, Bookseller 4 star review on Goodreads and NetGalley

A well told tale of hardship and longing in the times of elemental despair. Sam, a fifteen year old girl living her life with her battling parents, is sobered when her father is in a car accident after swerving to avoid a girl mindlessly stepping into traffic. In the midst of all this trauma, she begins to slip between time and begins to experience life in 1917 through the eyes of Jess, who is her age who is living in the thick devastation of war. A traumatic love story ensues that transcends time and defines what guardian angels can do to protect those they love and innocent life. I highly recommend this book because of the beautiful story that winds into a heart rendering ending.

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