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It’s TWG’s tour stop for Susan Gandar’s debut ‘We’ve come to take you home’! Thank you to Susan for sending me a signed (just had to) copy of the book personally, in return for my honest opinion!

I’ll be honest, I had to spend a while thinking about how I was going to write my review for this book, the first line of the post got changed multiple times, I just could not work out what to write. Now, before you put your head in your hands wondering if that was because I didn’t like the book, lift your head up. No, it’s not that I didn’t enjoy the book, I couldn’t find my words, the correct words, to describe a book that has so much raw emotional as well as the ability to draw you into a situation as though you had gone through it yourself.

‘We’ve come to take you home’ follows the life and the memories of Samantha Foster and Jessica Brown. It’s as though one life ends when another begins. The story isn’t as straight forward as I personally assumed it would be as it switches between the lives and memories of both the girls. That said, the amount of depth within the book makes up for my inability to work things out quicker ha!

The circumstances with Jessica’s life are truly harrowing and a lot of people may find that they relate to what she and her father went through in service. To be honest though, the way that Susan has written about the war-time, whether you are connected to it indirectly or not, it will probably make you feel slightly emotional.

As I read more of the book, I found myself connecting to more parts of it than I did others. That’s not a negative comment on the book itself, everyone will connect to things in a different way.
What would you do if you could see or feel things that had happened to other people? Unnerving really. Makes a very cleverly written story though!

My favourite part of Susan’s novel was her writing. Susan’s way of writing captivated me in multiple ways. She managed to create a feeling of power and intensity over such few sentences, it left me eager to find out what she writes next.
Despite the fact I found a few parts difficult to comprehend, overall the book was fascinating and definitely opened my eyes to differences in era’s and the differences in hidden emotion.