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When I was first contacted about joining the blog tour for Susan Gandar’s We’ve Come To Take You Home, I thought it sounded absolutely wonderful. I truly love a novel that takes you back in time, to a place long before your own. In We’ve Come To Take You Home, Susan Gandar achieves a brilliant job of doing so.
Within this novel, the author introduces her readers to Samantha Foster and Jessica Brown. Living in completely different times, I loved picking up on the contrasts between the girls and accepting, not for the first time, how life was so very different back then. Gandar’s descriptions and characterisation allowed me to summon up vividly in my mind the settings and characters on the page, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading as the characters’ layers were stripped away and their separate circumstances began to take shape and form. I was eager to see how Gandar would lead her two characters towards each other, and really couldn’t wait for this moment to take place.

Set amid war and devastation, this novel was packed with emotion, and it was powerful to experience war from a young girl’s perspective. It was sad and really struck a chord with me. Gandar’s emotional descriptions were spot-on and allowed me to take in these emotions as if they were my own. As the novel picked up and I was pulled further and further into this story, my eagerness to see how it would end was enough to have me racing through the final pages.

All in all, We’ve Come To Take You Home by Susan Gandar was a fabulously rich and captivating tale that I thoroughly enjoyed from beginning to end. Becca’s Books will be awarding this book with four cupcakes. Special thanks to Jenny from Neverland Blog Tours and the author Susan Gandar for providing me with a gorgeous proof copy of this book.