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What I liked

The time travel element was amazing, and it was great to see how Sam overcame her fears and doubts as she travelled back 100 years.

This is also a fantastic family-focused book, and it’s clear how much both women love and respect their fathers.

This book is a great reflection of the “duty of care” people had back in the early 20th Century. Not only caring for her grieving mother, Jess is sent to be maid to the Major in London, and her experiences there mirror the treatment and life of a scullery maid at the time.

It also showed fantastically how the war affected people in their everyday lives and families – both Jess and the Major lost significant people in their families, and a potential relationship had to be out on hold while Tom went back to the war.

What I didn’t like:

The continuous switch between 1916 and present day did get a little confusing at times, and if it weren’t for the introductions at the beginning of the chapter I wouldn’t have been sure most of the time where the speaking point was.

Often these introductions were missing (most often for Sam’s chapters in the present day) so it was a little tough to decipher where we were. It sometimes didn’t become immediately clear.

Out of five:

Four. It may have gotten confusing at times, but this is a beautifully told story that will grip you from start to end. It will accommodate readers seeking suspense, action and romance, and it’s one you’ll find hard to put down.